Syn Free Kedgeree

Smoked Haddock

Posted by David Horne.

Aug 04, 2017


So what can you do with Smoked Haddock? Slimming World Syn free Kedgeree of course! Let's put that saying "if it swims it slims" to the test!


Servings Prep Time

3people 10minutes

Cook Time 30 minutes



250g Smoked Haddock

200g Basmati Rice

1 OnionChopped

1 Chicken/Veg/Fish Stock cube

100g Peas

3 Boiled Eggs

400ml WaterYou could use milk but don't forget to syn it!

1 Bay Leaf

2tsp Curry Powder

1wedge Lemons

Some Chopped chivesfor garnish


In a pan poach the smoked haddock in 400ml of water with a bay leaf (you could use milk if you like, but don't forget to syn it accordingly!)

Mist a large frying pan with Frylight and sweat an onion until it begins to colour

Add the curry powder and the rice to the frying pan to slick the rice

Place the haddock on a plate and flake. Set aside.

Add the residual poaching liquor to the frying pan together with a stock cube. Cook it on a high heat for 5 minutes, then turn off, cover & leave for 10 minutes

Stir through the peas and cover for another minute, then add the flaked haddock

Place the boiled eggs & chopped chives on top. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice.