Lemon and Ginger Chicken stir fry

Posted by David Horne.

Mar 07, 2017



Lemon and Ginger Chicken stir fry

A simple recipe quick and east to make.
This is what I used but you can use any combination of vegetables.



1 Chicken Breast per portion.
1 lemon or Lime
2” Peeled stem ginger
1 x tbs Light soya source
1 tbs  White wine vinegar
1 x Chicken stock cube
Salt & Pepper
1 x tbs  Smoked paprika.
1 x Sprig of freshly chopped basil
1 Cal fry light
Mixed vegetables.
1 x Carrot
1 x red onion
1 x red pepper
1 x green pepper
2 x fresh garlic cloves
1 x leek
25g mange­ ­tout
25g French beans
100g mushrooms
50g Cauliflower
50g Broccoli
1 x Medium size Butternut Squash
1 x Handful of Curly kale



It is good to Marinate the meat for at least a couple of hours.
Squeeze the juice of a whole lemon or lime into a bowl
Finely grate the Ginger into the lemon juice.
Add the White wine vinegar.
Cut the chicken into strips and place in a bowl ensure that the meat is coated in the liquid.
Salt and pepper.
Pre prepare all the vegetables by slicing into strips, or with the Cauliflower & Broccoli break into small florets.
Spiralizer the Butternut Squash into spaghetti ( If you don’t have a spiralizer you can buy butternut spaghetti or substitute for pasta or noodles.
Slice and place into your wok or large deep frying pan the onion, leek and chopped garlic and fry off using the 1 cal Fry Light.
When starting to go brown add the Light soya source, Chicken stock cube, Smoked paprika and the Sprig of freshly chopped basil.
This will become a caramelised sticky looking mixture.
Remove from pan into a side bowl do not wash the pan! and now place into the pan the marinated chicken and any juice that has not been absorbed.
Cook the chicken completely,as when you add the vegetables you will only be warming through, and you don't want half cooked meat.
When you are satisfied that the chicken is cooked pour the caramelised onion mix back into the wok with the chicken and bring back to hot.
Now fold in all of your vegetables holding back the butternut squash.
Cook the vegetables for 5 minutes only as we are trying to keep them crunchy. Now fold in the butternut and cook for a further 5 – 10 minutes.
When you are happy, and it is a personal choice on how crisp you have the vegetables, serve on a bed of baby leaf spinach,or as I did in this recipe a bed of curly Kale ,removing all the thick stalks as this is being served uncooked.