Fail to Plan. You Plan to Fail

Posted by David Horne.

Mar 02, 2017

It all Starts with BELIEF

From that point if you truly believe you can, you will prove yourself right. 
Last week at our Slimming World weigh in, Pat needed 1.5 lbs. to hit the 3 stone loss & I needed 1 lb.
So when we got home we made the decision to get there the following week.
So we set a goal to hit the 3 stone loss this week.
But we didn’t just plan for 1 & 1.5 that we needed. We planed to go beyond and by default we would hit our goal or surpass it.
There is another tip there “PLAN” 
Pat got 3.5 lbs. and I got 3 lb. 
Awesome!! Time for the happy dance. 
People say we are joined at the hip, I guess we are and very proud of that. We are certainly kindred sprits. 
We do support and encourage each other everyday, and together we are both exactly 3.2 stone lighter since September

I would very much also like to thank the lovely Emma Kellond and the rest of our group. I have no doubt without their encouragement and support we would not be where we are today.
So onward and upward onto the next goal of 3.5 stone.