My Story So Far

So what happened next?

Posted by David Horne.

Jan 23, 2017

Pat my wife suggested that we join a slimming club as we needed the correct direction.
This time it was serious. I was not looking for another quick fix.
I had no choice but to find a plan that would work for me long term.
Pat as usual has always supported and encouraged me with her positive input.
We have been married for nearly 42 years and whatever I have undertaken over the years she has backed and supported me 100%.
She truly is my best friend.
So together we found a local Slimming World group. Run by Emma Kellond.
Were we lucky, did we just manage to just pick the right group and land on our feet?
I don’t know the answer to that.
I just know that Emma sat us down talked to us and more importantly listened to what we needed to achieve.
We have been attending the group every Wednesday evening since the 14th of September. We always stay to group and not just treat it as a weekly weigh in. As what we have learnt
from Emma and the other group members has been invaluable.
We are learning that we are not on a diet. We are on a lifestyle choice. It is all about food education.
We are learning what is best to eat how to cook it and in what proportions to get the balance correct.
At the time of writing this we have been going for 18 weeks and to date I have lost 2 stone 4.5 and loving every minute of it.
Pat is doing amazingly well to but has asked me not to tell the world.
We have never eaten as much or as healthily. Period!!
I  already feel 100%  fitter and healthier.
This is why I decided to write my blog, so share my experiences and some of the good food advice we have been learning about.
I hope you enjoy following my journey and some of the recipes, picks and  videos I share.
Here's to a healthy 2017 “Bring it on”