Target Reached

I Believed And Achieved

Posted by David Horne.

Jun 28, 2018



My Journey to TARGET 

I was in touching range of 20 stone, 19st 12lb to be exact.
I think it was August 2016 that I suffered another TIA (mini-stroke) My life was about to change all over again.
The consultant at the hospital had told me that I had been very lucky on this occasion, that it was only a TIA and not a full-blown stroke. I was suffering from high blood pressure and was hugely overweight. 
He went on to say that unless I lost a considerable amount of weight I may not be so lucky if it happened again. 
So here we go again!
Back on those FAD diets.
I can't even remember which one I was trying this time. All I know is that after 1 month I was really struggling. Yes, I had lost a stone. But man, was I miserable, hungry and feeling very deprived. 
Pat suggested that we join a slimming club as I needed help and the correct direction.
This time it was serious. I was not looking for another quick fix.
I had no choice but to find a plan that would work for me long term.
Pat, as usual, has always supported and encouraged me with her positive input.
We have been married for over 43 years and whatever I have undertaken over the years she has backed and supported me 100%. This journey was to be no different.
She truly is my best friend.
So together we found a local Slimming World group. Run by Emma Kellond.
Were we lucky, did we just manage to just pick the right group and land on our feet?
I don’t know the answer to that, but I would suggest we were.
I just know that Emma sat us down talked to us and more importantly listened to what we needed to achieve.
Emma asked us what we wanted to achieve. I told her I wanted to be 15 stone. Laughing inside as I knew that was impossible. I had not been that weight for about 30 years. To my astonishment, Emma said that was a good goal and very achievable. 
Really?...... Yeah right!!
No one was more amazed than me when I hit that goal just 30 weeks later. 
We have been attending the group every Wednesday evening since the 14th of September 2016 when my starting weight was 18st 10.5lb. We always stay to the group and not just treat it as a weekly weigh in. What we have learned from Emma and the other group members has been invaluable.
We have learned that we are not on a diet. We are on a lifestyle choice. It is all about food education.
We are learning what is best to eat how to cook it and in what proportions to get the balance correct.
My Journey has not always been plain sailing. I hit the 4.5 stone loss in June of 2017. I then pinballed back and forth between 4.5 and 5 stone. Getting very near, but just missing the 5 stone by 0.5lb
Well, I guess I just lost some of the focus, some of the desire, some of the urgency. I guess I just got comfortable, after all, 4.5 stone! Are you kidding me? 
At the time of writing this we have been going and staying to group for 87 weeks; 1year 9 months, and to date, I have lost a total of 6 stone 5.5lb of which 5st 4 of that with Slimming World and loving every minute of it.
Pat hit her target way before me but has never failed in supporting me and helping me get to mine.
We have never eaten as much or as healthily. Period!!
I feel 100% fitter and healthier. Not to mention Slimmer :-) 
Emma Kellond, Pat and I will be eternally grateful to you. You have quite literally saved my life.
We both love you to bits.
My Top 10 Tips
1/ If you are not a Slimming World member. Join, become one. Find a group near you. I can highly recommend it.
2/ Discover your WHY. 
Your WHY has to be so strong that you can't live without it. 
Your WHY needs to be so strong that when a challenge comes your way, you don't let it affect what you are trying to achieve. 
Your WHY needs to be so strong that when you get a gain or you have a bad day. You can brush it off and get refocused.
You WHY needs to be cast in stone.
3/ If you are already a member. Stay to group. Make that commitment to yourself. For Pat and I Wednesday night is Slimming World. Period!!
4/ Believe You can. This is very important. There is a brilliant saying that I love, and it goes like this..... "Think you can. Think you can't. Either way you're right." Use your belief to visualise where it is you want to be. If it's that first 1/2 stone certificate or 2,3,4 stone certificate. See in your mind's eye, You standing there next to Emma with a big smile on your face posing for that all important photo. Being handed that certificate and everyone in the room are clapping and cheering your achievement. See it, Believe it.
5/ Find a buddy that you can work with, encourage each other, be accountable to them as well as to yourself. I am very lucky, (and I do know), and appreciate that I have Pat in my corner. 
6/ Stay to Group.
7/ Set goals. Short term, midterm, and Target. Create that roadmap to success. If you don't know where you're going or heading , It is very likely that you will not get there. On the other side of that, if you plan your journey and set the targets and set them with absolute belief. You are very likely to get there. 
8/ Use positive affirmations. Put a picture up somewhere private, that yes, may embarrass you to have it on show. This was a huge motivation for me. 
9/ Be honest with yourself. It is only you that you're cheating.
10/ Did I mention? STAY TO GROUP.
I would like to close by thanking My number one Pat, our very own Emma Kellond and every one of the dozens of friends we have made at the group. Thank you for all the encouragement and the love you have shown us, and I know it's a cliche but I really could not have done it without you.
Thank you all so much.